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Growing up on the serene Georgian Bay in Ontario – often referred to as the sixth Great Lake – Peter Nicol can’t imagine life without accessible, clean water.

He’s spent many recreational hours on several Great Lakes and many smaller, equally as adored bodies of water near his residence, as an avid angler, kayaker and even scuba diver.

Not everyone in the world is as fortunate to have access to clean, safe water though, and that’s a challenge Peter’s spent his career developing solutions for.


years of experience in key management, operations, sales & technical roles

16 lb

– size of the biggest fish he’s ever caught (a Northern Pike whopper)


projects worked on globally


honorary Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovellers inductions

With no new water on Earth, our global community can’t afford to use water once and dispose of it. Around the globe, 1.8 billion people lack access to clean, safe water, and even the most-developed cities struggle with balancing water availability. The future of water depends on us.

Peter Nicol
VP, Global Water Market Director (Retired)

As the now retired global director of Jacobs’s water market, Peter led our team of more than 6,000 visionaries and doers to develop innovative, sustainable and comprehensive solutions for tomorrow – a modern storage system for California’s scarcest and most valuable resource. A sewage management system in Hong Kong that converts sludge into electricity. Protection for our world’s coasts against rising oceans and variating weather.

From Brazil to Singapore and countless water projects in between, Peter’s focused on transforming not only the urban setting, but also the way the world's population interact with their infrastructure, their governments, their cities and their environment.

As longtime co-chair and sponsor of our employee giving campaign to support nonprofit Water For People, he also helped make a difference in places where clean, safe water isn’t easy accessible – and he’s even volunteered alongside Water For People on its impact tours around the world, witnessing how the organization’s sustainability approach, and Jacobs’ donations, strengthen communities and bring prosperity in the districts where Water For People works. In 2020, Peter was recognized with the Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award for his tireless support of Water For People. The award, named after former CH2M employee Ken Miller, is given annually to exceptional volunteers. Throughout his 40-year career, Peter has been a staunch supporter and active volunteer for Water For People.

Peter received the Water Environment Federation’s Arthur Sidney Bedell Award in recognition of extraordinary personal service in the water pollution control field. He was also honored for his outstanding, meritorious service by induction into the Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovellers (5S) for the Water Environment Association of Ontario, 5S for Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Association, 5S for Western Canada Water and Wastewater Association. In 2019, he received the Geoffrey T. G. Scott Memorial Award, which recognizes a member of the water environment industry in Canada for his/her outstanding example of leadership and inspiration in championing a worthwhile endeavor and thereby advancing the mission of the water environment industry.

Additionally, Peter serves as Chairman of the Board for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization.

Peter holds a bachelor of applied science degree in geological engineering and applied earth sciences from the University of Toronto.

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