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WICE Finalists – Creating Change for Good

We are proud to honor the achievements of our 26 talented finalists at this year’s prestigious European Women in Construction & Engineering (WICE) Awards being held on May 21 in London.

Attracting over 400 nominations this year, the WICE awards celebrate the achievements and contributions of some of the construction and engineering industry’s leading talent. The awards promote the diverse careers women are excelling in, from architects, project managers, engineers and urban planners, to environmental and health and safety specialists.

“As an industry we have an important opportunity to make a difference,” said Jacobs Head of Global Sustainability and WICE Best Woman Environment & Sustainability Finalist Zoe Haseman. “With trillions of dollars of global investment due to be invested in new or upgraded infrastructure by 2030, what we do is vital to delivering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Everyone involved has the ability to create real change for good and at scale.”

Bold and transformative steps for a more sustainable world require the talents and fresh perspectives of a diverse pool of innovators, problem-solvers and creators.

Zoe added, “My fellow WICE finalists represent some of the industry’s greatest talent across Europe. These women are all working within their respective organizations to design, build and construct an enduring and resilient world, and make a positive impact for future generations.”

The WICE finalists also play an important role in helping to develop the future bright and creative minds. From helping women to develop rewarding career pathways to looking at how internships and STEM programs, for example, can attract young people and help them build relevant competencies and skillsets.

“Through my life several mentors have made a real difference to my progress and given generously of their time and experience,” said Jacobs Deputy Director Stakeholder Engagement and Communications and WICE Best Female Mentor Finalist Sarah Morgan. “I take pleasure from recognizing potential in my mentees and seeing them flourish.”

Sarah is currently part of the Jacobs team delivering the southern section of Transport Scotland’s A9 dualling program, which will see the upgrade of around 80 miles of road between Perth and Inverness from single to dual carriageway. Central to the program’s legacy is Academy9, an education program developed by the three A9 dualling teams in collaboration with Transport Scotland, which aims to deliver lasting skills, create local jobs for local people and inspire the next generation of STEM leaders. Developed with local teachers, the bespoke educational program aims to benefit schools, educators and students up and down the A9. The program has already helped more than 3,500 pupils and teachers in schools along the route through workshops, experience days and learning tools. Academy9 will support children across a ten-year period, all the way from primary school, to applying for University, an apprenticeship or full-time employment.

“Within Academy9 our senior pupils operate as ‘junior mentors’ while our early career professionals act as ‘senior mentors’ to those pupils.  Working in this environment is a privilege, as we enable the next generation of effective mentors and the talent growth that our industry needs,” added Sarah.

Congratulations to our 2019 Finalists:       

Best Woman Civil Engineer Finalist: Lesley Campton, Naomi Brace and Sarah Loughrey

Best Woman Consultant Finalist: Faye Clamp and Holly Newman

Best Woman Environment & Sustainability Finalist: Katy Kemble and Zoe Haseman

Best Woman Health & Safety Finalist: Kate Carpenter, Lorna Byrne, Maeve Kenny and Kathleen Harrison

Best Woman Project Manager Finalist: Rhianna Rose and Suzanna Moore

Best Woman Rail Engineer Finalist: Maria Stratigaki

Best Woman Tunnelling and Underground Finalist: Giulia Lancellotta and Monika Tomana

Best Young Woman Engineer Finalist: Ellie Hurley-Simister

Best Woman Construction Law Finalist: Laura Walker

Best Woman Construction Planner Finalist: Claire Shackley

Best Woman Architect Finalist: Lorena Sanz

Best Woman Structural Engineer Finalist: Gail Hunter

Best Female Mentor Finalist: Fiona Jones, Laura Markeson and Sarah Morgan

Best Male Mentor Finalist: David Ellis and Sam Luke