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Beware of environmental, health and safety culture killers – Insights and guidance from CH2M’s Tabitha Laser

Discover the challenges associated with improving an organization’s culture and how to overcome culture killers to help improve EHS performance, profitability, public perception and more.

A positive workplace EHS culture affords organizations and corporations many benefits including increased trust and employee morale, sustainable EHS performance improvements, and reliable productivity and profit margin growth. Unfortunately, many leaders and EHS professionals struggle daily to achieve and maintain positive workplace cultures and consistent business results. While lack of management support, corporate or employee buy-in, resources and time are common factors that conflict with an EHS culture and safe work behaviors and processes, there are many other actions that threaten the positive attributes of an organization’s culture.

Often these culture killers are not recognized, or worse yet, ignored because they are considered taboo. For example, voicing observations or questioning long-held management practices or process that were initially designed to promote EHS values, but no longer do so. Unfortunately, this could be viewed as challenging authority, not being a team player or even not valuing EHS. And for those that speak up, the potential for negative consequences can be real impediments to positive change. Having an open mind, constantly striving to identify culture killers, and putting forth the effort to eliminate them are first steps to begin reaping the benefits of having a sound workplace culture.

To create a more effective EHS culture in your workplace, register for CH2M’s technical client webinar: Beware of EHS culture killers - October 26th, Thursday at 12:00 pm CST.

In a thought provoking and inspiring presentation designed for EHS leadership and professionals from the field to the board room, CH2M’s Tabitha Laser, CSP, will review the challenges associated with improving an organization’s culture and detail how to overcome culture killers to help improve EHS performance, profitability, public perception and much more. In addition, the webinar will discuss how many well‐intentioned actions can end-up destroying the culture they were intended to improve.

In Part 1 of this multi-part webinar series, Ms. Laser will focus on one of the biggest culture killers, having an “Unbalanced Organization”. Unbalanced organizations occur when their constantly shifting focus forces other important needs to take a back seat--until focus changes again. This balancing act can be detrimental and can lead to catastrophic failures. Through multiple presentations, case studies and group discussions, the webinar will review the types of actions that trigger culture killers, and provide solutions to address and prevent future culture killers.

Important EHS learning outcomes:

  • Recognize culture killers that negatively impact fostering and maintaining sustainable EHS cultures in the workplace.
  • Understand how to prevent, avoid, and respond to culture killer, before they wreak havoc in your organization.
  • Assess EHS culture strength, and implement plans to continuously improve it.

Register now to join the free event!

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