Greenhouse Gas Services

Greenhouse Gas Services

Jacobs has been involved with greenhouse gas (GHG) management, engineering, and design for a number of years.

Our design and engineering services include:

  • Development of specific industry sector energy evaluation tools for optimum carbon-dioxide (CO2) reduction and avoidance strategy
  • GHG calculation, tracking, and reporting to meet mandatory reporting requirements or voluntary reporting programs
  • GHG inventory development and verification readiness assurance against GHG reporting and verification criteria
  • GHG inventory and reduction project verification and validation
  • Identification and engineering evaluation of emissions reduction or removal projects against eligibility criteria and credit potential
  • Evaluation and selection of leading technologies to sequester CO2 from flue gas
  • Engineering and design of pipelines and compressor stations for the injection of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

Our greenhouse gas services include:

  • Third party GHG validation and verification for voluntary and mandatory reporting

In all our GHG-related work, Jacobs maintains strict confidentiality concerning information provided by clients. We are an impartial partner and conduct an initial risk review to determine if there might exist any possibility of conflict of interest before accepting an assignment. We have established protocols for the process associated with any complaints, disagreements, or appeals that might occur as the result of our work.

View our procedures for Disputes, Complaints and Appeals Handling.

For additional information on any of our greenhouse gas services, please contact us.