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Providing end-to-end solutions to complex challenges to create and sustain well-functioning and thriving health systems and communities.

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Today, our health systems face complex challenges. Emerging and evolving science and technology drive constant change in models of care and health services delivery. Burgeoning data sets make the task of interrogating, interpreting and using that data to optimize operations ever more complex. Growing populations, changing demographics and communicable and non-communicable diseases that continue to flourish in our communities are pressuring service capacity and budgets.

And that was before COVID-19 emerged.

The global pandemic has raised serious questions about multi-faceted supply chains and health security of nations. It put the spotlight on the importance of biomedical education and research facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities as part of a broader holistic health system. And it’s highlighted the role of other critical services providers, such as water supply and mass transport, in keeping populations well and thriving.

What if we showed you how we’re helping clients face these challenges head-on, reimagining approaches to create and sustain, well-functioning, thriving and resilient health systems and contributing to personal, societal and economic well-being?


healthcare projects representing over $45B in construction cost​s


documented healthcare savings since 2005


major academic medical centers

We’ve been working with healthcare providers and biopharmaceutical companies around the globe for more than 50 years and are the largest professional services provider to the biopharmaceutical industry. We have a detailed and nuanced understanding of their clinical, operational and business performance requirements and we understand the challenges they face in managing their healthcare environment today while planning for tomorrow. We leverage deep subject matter expertise across diverse scientific, infrastructure, environmental and digital domains, to deliver the very best solutions so they can bring their very best to the patients and families counting on them. 

Don't just take our word for it though, Engineering News-Record ranks Jacobs No. 1 in both Healthcare facilities design and Pharmaceuticals. 

How we can help

Health System Governance

We advise governments, healthcare agencies and organizations on creating and implementing new pathways for effective decision-making, resource management and operational environments. We focus on system structure, policy frameworks, oversight mechanisms, financial models, healthcare coalitions and accountability.

Podcast: Infectious Diseases: Emergency Preparedness and Health System Resilience

Dr. Nino Kharaishvili and Dr. David Franz discuss how COVID-19 compares to other epidemics and pandemics; the best practices for emergency preparedness; the most pressing challenges with regards to pandemic preparedness that are not receiving enough attention; and how the current pandemic may change the way that healthcare systems respond to future pandemics.

Health Operations Advisory

Podcast: US Health Service Post-COVID-19

Dina Salvaggio (Jacobs Principal of Healthcare Consulting, APG) and Donn Sorensen (Executive Vice President of Operations, Mercy Health Ministry) discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the American healthcare system, in such areas as workforce challenges, financial ramifications, and the evolving role of virtual medicine and technology.

We advise healthcare executives, service providers and corporate partners on pathways to remain people-centered, while making services accessible, affordable and integrated. We provide strategic, operational and digital advisory and implementation support to improve quality of care, optimize service delivery and enhance the safety of patients and healthcare workers.

Health Infrastructure

We advise governments, healthcare agencies and organizations on creating and implementing new pathways for effective decision-making, resource management and operational environments. We focus on system structure, policy frameworks, oversight mechanisms, financial models, healthcare coalitions and accountability.

Podcast: Nursing Home Design and COVID-19: Balancing Infection Control, Quality of Life and Resilience

Dr. Diana Anderson, Dr. Desmond O’Neill and Thomas Grey talk about the importance of the built environment for nursing homes and its impact on residents; what the COVID-19 pandemic revealed about existing challenges within nursing homes; and what an ideal environment for nursing home residents might look like going forward.

Jacobs and Rush University Medical Center

Supporting critical infrastructure as part of the holistic health system

We work with critical infrastructure operators as they continue to evolve their understanding of the role they play in keeping communities healthy and well as part of a holistic health system,   providing environmental, engineering, scientific and advisory solutions that support improved public health outcomes.

Meet our team

Nina Wollman, Vice President and Global Market Director, Health

Nina-Wollman-midsize-headshotNina Wollman is responsible for elevating Jacobs’ capabilities in the Health market. This includes creating and implementing Jacobs’ Health market strategy, delivering a cohesive go-to-market approach, driving innovation and new solutions, recruiting and developing talent, and ultimately growing Jacobs’ presence in the market. Nina brings “an art of the possible mindset” to the Health market and is passionate about our ability to engage with clients and communities in a whole new manner creating solutions that enable well-functioning and thriving health systems that advance health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Meet Nina

Dr. Nino Kharaishvili, Global Solutions Director, Health System Governance

nino-kharaishvili-headshot Dr. Nino Kharaishvili is a healthcare expert with working knowledge of 40 different countries across the former Soviet Union, Africa, South East Asia and Middle East. She has over 15 years of international healthcare consulting experience and has managed teams specializing in global health security, health system preparedness, disease surveillance, biosafety and biosecurity, program metrics and evaluation. Nino has a breadth of experience in defining paths for healthcare system sustainability and resilience, as well as designing and implementing various emergency preparedness exercises aimed at improving public health emergency preparedness and response.

Matthew Holmes, Global Solutions Director, Health Infrastructure

matthew-holmes-headshot Matthew is a chartered U.K. and French registered architect who leads Jacobs’ Global Health infrastructure business. After completing his professional training in the U.K., he worked in mainland Europe for 10 years working on a range of health projects. With the completion of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Clermont-Ferrand in France in 2011 he relocated to Australia where he has been instrumental in leading the Jacobs’ health advisory and design teams across a wide range of health projects across the world. His more recent work includes new facilities supporting the delivery of health services in rural locations across Australia, New Zealand and Kiribati through to the planning and design of major tertiary facilities such as the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide.

Craig Miller, Global Solutions Director, Health Operations Advisory

craig-miller-headshot Craig Miller is a seasoned industry expert with over 35 years of experience working with healthcare and hospitals, life sciences and higher education. His expertise spans operations, financial, technology, program management, construction, logistics and performance improvement. Craig advises the C-Suite, owners and designers who are planning, contemplating or actively involved in programs and projects on their campuses, occupied areas, or concerned about optimizing and achieving program goals. He spent over 20 years exclusively overseeing major healthcare portfolios and capital programs in excess of $1.5 billion across geographic regions. He has worked and consulted on major complex program initiatives at leading medical centers, including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Denver Children’s Hospital, Denver Health, Rush University Medical Center, CHUM, UConn Health, Ochsner Health System, White Plains Hospital and most recently NYC Health + Hospitals Corporation.